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Open Records

The provisions of the Georgia Open Records Act (O.C.G.A. § 50-18-70) allows for the appointment of an Open Records Officer to whom all requests for records must be made. Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office requires all requests be made under the act to be made in writing.

Captain Allison Stinson is designated as the Open Records Officer. Carolyn Lucas is designated as the alternate Open Records Officer to act in Captain Allison Stinson’s absence. Open Records Officer(s) may be contacted by calling 478-945-3357.

Initial incident reports and vehicle crash reports can be made by contacting Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office. Persons directly involved, and named in the report, are not charged for the initial copy of the report.  Involved parties that seek numerous copies of reports (after an extended period from the incident date) will be charged the minimal fee of $.25 per page for future request of these reports.

Vehicle Crash Reports are available for a charge of $5.00 for all other parties seeking copies of these reports. Parties named in the report will not be charged.

The release of public records is governed by Georgia Law O.C.G.A. § 50-18-72 and this office follows the letter of this law.  We are dedicated to meeting all open records requests received in writing in a timely manner. The type of information and the amount of data requested, will determine the charges incurred. Your written request, must include, requestor’s name, phone number, return address, email address (if available) along with specific type of information being requested, including names, dates, times, and locations. Please reference the appropriate Georgia public information, or record law under which you are applying. We will contact you, within 3 business days excluding weekends and holidays, prior to your request being processed to inform you of the estimated charges.

Certain sensitive information, including, but not limited to video / audio files, may be exempt from release and may be refused and/or redacted from requested records.

Individuals and attorneys wishing to obtain any information, other than the initial incident report, concerning a case in which an individual is awaiting trial may be required to contact the District Attorney and file the appropriate discovery motions.