(478) 945-3357


Q: How do I contact the Sheriff?
A: To contact Sheriff Mitchum, call 478-945-3357. Please understand it may take time for him to get back to you. If you have an emergency call 911 or dispatch at 478-945-6811.

Q: How do I get a copy of a motor vehicle crash or incident report?
A: To pick up a copy of a motor vehicle crash or incident report, please contact the Sheriff’s Office during business hours at 478-945-3357 and ask for Ms. Erica Snelgrove. If you are not a party involved in a car crash, you may not be able to pick up the report. The Sheriff’s Office complies with the Georgia Open Records Act and certain information may cost the charges of research and reproduction as provided by law.

Q: How do I get a copy of my own criminal history for employment purposes?
A: To complete a criminal history request for your own employment purposes, you must appear at the 911 center of the Sheriff’s Office and submit the required form. You may pick up the form and complete it when you come in or download it. Present it in person along with the required fee of $20.00 (CASH or Money Order). A government issued photo ID is required (driver’s license, passport, etc).

Q: My accident/incident report is wrong. Who do I call?
A: If you have an issue with the accuracy of a report generated by the Sheriff’s Office, you should first contact the deputy who prepared it. He or she may correct mistakes, but may not make changes that alter the facts as written unless there is a material mistake. The final decision is the responsibility of the employee who created the report. Reports will not be altered or changed if the information is factually accurate.

Q: I want to apply for a job with the Sheriff’s Office. Who do I contact?
A: Job applications must be picked up and returned to the Twiggs County Sheriffs Office located at 37 N Ash St. Jeffersonville. GA 31044. Applications are accepted Monday thru Friday 9:00 to 5:00. Make sure you bring the follow items with you when applying, Birth Certificate, Driver’s License, High school Diploma or GED, DD214, and any other information you think should be in the file. Applications are reviewed each time there is an opening in either the Jail, 911 or Patrol.

Q: How do I make a complaint/compliment of an employee?
A: If you want to complain about the conduct of an employee, or praise the conduct of an employee, contact Chief Deputy Leonard Long at 478-945-3357 or email him at leonard.long@twiggssheriff.org. He will forward all information to the Sheriff and/or the appropriate supervisor for follow-up. He is responsible of all internal affairs investigations. Anonymous complaints may be followed up or not, based on the nature of the investigation or information reported.

Q: How do I contact the Jail Administrator?
A: Captain John Gary is responsible for the day to day operations in the Jail. He can be reached at 478-945-2512 during normal business hours. Questions concerning inmate’s charges, bond amounts and holds can be answered on the inmate information page or call the jail at 478-945-2512.

Q: My relative is in jail. What do I do?
A: If you someone you know is in jail, they will either have a bond issued immediately after booking or within 72 hours of their arrest, depending upon the charges. They will have ample opportunity to reach someone to arrange a bond.

Q: My relative in jail is sick/injured. What can I do?
A: The Twiggs County Jail has trained medical staff who see to the needs of your inmate. If you know an inmate that is sick or injured, the inmate must make a request to see the Nurse. The jail staff will assist him or her as required. The jail staff and the Sheriff are not doctors, and cannot give medical advice to an inmate. The jail medical staff make all medical decisions.

Q: How can I give my friend/relative in jail money for the store?
A: We currently have two ways for you to deposit monies into an inmate’s account. You can bring a money order made out to the inmate to the Twiggs County Jail at 37 N Ash St. Jeffersonville GA 31044 and give to the jail officer. You may go to www.mycarepack.com. This link will take you to the Canteen’s website where you will scroll down to Twiggs County GA. Follow the rest of the instructions directing you as to how to add monies to an inmate currently incarcerated in our jail.

Q: How can I get someone out of jail?
A: Inmates may post either a Cash Bond, Property Bond, or use the services of a Professional Bondsman. Property Bonds and Bonding Company Bonds may be used as long as the Court has not ordered a cash only bond. Property bonds require you to come by the Sheriff’s office weekdays between 09:00 and 5:00. You will be directed on the process. If you choose to use the services of a professional bondsman, you must contact the bonding company personally. Your last option is a cash bond in the amount of the bond. This requires the bond be paid in a money order. For all options please check with the jail staff at 478-945-2512 to make sure your information is correct to save you time. A $20.00 bond fee in the form of a money order is required for all types of bonds

Q: How does an inmate earn “good time”?
A: Inmates EARN the privilege of “good time” based on behavior, type of sentence, and participation in work details. Good time can be revoked for jail infractions. Good time is a privilege that must be maintained by an inmate.

Q: How do nmates make phone calls?
A: Twiggs County Jail uses PAYTEl for inmate phone service. Inmates can make a few collect calls but to talk to them when they are out of their cells require them to have money on their Paytel account. http://www.paytel.com/ is the company and you can deposit funds for those calls there.

Q: How do I contact a patrol/traffic division supervisor?
A: Major Jason Smith is the Field Operations commander. He can be reached at 478-945-3357.

Q: How do I have my home checked while I am on vacation or out of town?
A: The sheriff’s office provides house checks for individuals who plan to be absent from their home for vacation or other purposes. You can come by the 911 center and fill out a house check form, or you can click here for a downloadable form and drop it off to the 911 center after it is complete. Click here to download house check form.

Q: Who is in charge of training for the Sheriff’s Office?
A: Capt. Lee Smith is the training officer for the Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office. We train a variety of topics in jail, patrol, and communications operations.

Q: How can I check on the progress of my case?
A: Victims of crimes may check the progress of your case by contacting the investigator assigned to your case. The phone number to contact Investigation personnel during business hours is 478-945-2291. Defendants who have been accused of a crime must contact their attorney.

Q: Who can I contact about my case if an arrest has already been made?
A: If an arrest has been made in your case, contact the District Attorney’s Office at 478-272-0440 to make a status inquiry.

Q: How do I report information about a case anonymously?
A: You can report information to the Sheriff’s Office by calling 478-945-3357 and asking to speak to any investigator on duty.

Q:When does the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) get involved in a case?
A: The GBI, under most circumstances, is asked by the Sheriff or the DA to assist in an investigation. Contact them at (706) 542-7901 if you have further questions regarding their jurisdiction.