When Sheriff Mitchum took office, the vehicle fleet of the Sheriff's Office consisted of multi-colored vehicles and several different stripe schemes. The colors (black and gold) were chosen because they match the colors of the local high school. The overall design of the Sheriff's Office vehicle graphics was created by Sheriff Mitchum and his Command Staff. Reflective graphics are used on all sides of the vehicles making them highly visible (for officer safety) at a distance in either daytime or night. The design presents a clear identification of our agency and is compliant with Georgia state law. The graphics design ties into the community by the mere fact that the color scheme is the alma mater colors of our local high school, Twiggs County High. Also, the Georgia state seal is displayed inside the shield on both sides of each vehicle demonstrating state pride. The most important aspect of the graphics design is that it displays Sheriff's Office pride by displaying the Sheriff's Office shield inside the stripe scheme. The design reflects a professional image and is not cluttered and is easily seen. The design has gone over well with the public and the office has received a lot of positive feedback.


In 2009, the Twiggs County Sheriff's Office procured its first Dodge Charger to be assigned to the Criminal Suppression Unit (CSU). CSU works traffic and interdiction along I-16 inside Twiggs County. The design of the Charger was chosen to match the existing patrol and CSU vehicle designs. What makes the Charger design unique is that a message is displayed on the back bumper that reads: "Vehicle Purchased with Drug Seized Funds." This informs the public that the Sheriff's Office is doing its job and saving them tax dollars.
Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office Slick-Top Charger
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The Twiggs County Sheriff's Office utilizes Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors as its standard patrol vehicles. These cars are equipped with the same graphics package as the other Sheriff's Office vehicles.
Twiggs County Sheriff's Office Crown Victoria
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When Sheriff Mitchum took office, one of his goals for the office was to create a traffic/criminal enforcement unit. The Criminal Suppression Unit (CSU) was created. The CSU members are assigned Tahoe’s. CSU members are also K-9 handlers, and this fact is displayed on three sides of the Tahoe’s. Also the CSU vehicles proudly display the COBRA seal on three sides of the vehicle, which is the CSU logo as well as the mascot of the local high school.
Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office CSU Tahoe
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The Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office received a grant from the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. This grant was used to purchase a Ford F250. Twiggs County is a rural county with a lot of hard to reach areas. The four-wheel drive on the F250 allows the Sheriff’s Office to reach these areas. It is also a support vehicle for the Criminal Suppression Unit (CSU). The F250 is used to transport search and rescue and traffic enforcement equipment.
Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office CSU F250 4 x 4
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